About Us

Roots Movement is about people working together to restore our natural environment. A large focus of our work is community tree planting. We are dedicated to planting indigenous trees with strong environmental and community benefits whilst empowering and enabling local community members to inspire further action.


In Kenya along with the community tree planting Roots Movement helps to instigate community town tidy ups, give voice to innovative uses ofwaste material (see our products page) and have set up a tree nursery focused entirely on growing indigenous trees. In the UK we connect with the work we do in Kenya through the yearly Roots Week in with simultaneous tree planting events at schools and various locations in both countries.


We are  much stronger as a community than we are alone.

We can create the world we want by working together.

We can build connection through rebuilding community.


Tree planting

Planting a tree is a lasting legacy of an environmental action.

Planting a tree is a giving back to our planet and connecting with nature.

Planting trees is a vital measure to reserve the damage caused by mass deforestation.



Communities working together around the world to create a healthier environment for ourselves and the planet.


To work with a diverse range of communities to bring people together to take environmental action.


Plant a tree alone and a tree will grow. Plant trees in community and a forest will grow.