Get involved

SONY DSCDo you want to be part of the Roots Movement community?

Here are some of the ways you can get involved :

  • Plant a tree at one of our Roots Week events or in your own garden 
  • Create a community tree planting event for Roots Week in February to be a part of our global tree planting community
  • Donate money for trees to be planted and the Movement to grow in Africa
  • Help to grow the movement and expand our reach, our network and our community

                                                                                     We welcome people who can help us with :

    • School engagementSONY DSC
    • Tree planting spaces
    • Promoting community events
    • Partnership potential
    • Fundraising initiatives
    • Being a volunteer in UK or Africa
    • Promoting Roots Week
    • Expertise in tree planting
    • T-shirt printing
    • Marketing expertise



Roots Movement relies entirely on fundraising and donation. If you’d like to donate or raise some funds through your own fund raising activity, please contact us. Even a little donation goes a long way. Go to our donate page to find out more. Alternatively, visit our products page to buy some of our merchandise.

Please contact us, we’d love for you to be involved in Roots Movement.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!home2