We believe

We believe.

The world is a better place when we work together.

We have to be actively responsible for our natural environment.

We are a part of nature, not separate from it.

We believe that Roots Movement is about our future, now.


Why tree planting?

Trees are great! They provide oxygen, timber, food, shelter and beauty. You can climb them, swing from them, walk among them and relax under them. And they are essential to our survival. Without them we wouldn’t last long.

Planting a tree is an environmental action

Planting a tree is a step toward addressing the global deforestation occurring today at a worrying rate.

Planting a tree is a connection with nature.

Planting a tree is a lasting legacy.

Why community?

Community is fundamental to Roots Movement. We believe that all our lives are better and brighter through building connections with the people we live with and by working together. We are passionate about creating a sense of community, however big or small, wherever you are.


Here’s how your money will be spent:


SONY DSCTree saplings


The cost of a tree sapling is 5 Kenyan shillings which is the equivalent of around 4-5 pence. In the UK a orchard tree costs £35 and small sapplings cost from 50p – £3 plus protective materials.






It is of vital importance that all tree planting is done on expert advise. There are many things to think about when planting trees such as biodiversity, local ecology, water sources and community benefit. At Roots Movement we are dedicated to ensuring that these needs are met by local experts to keep to our commitment to responsible tree planting. Expertise has been offered on a voluntary basis so far, yet we know that this may not always be so.


Advertising the eventsSONY DSC


We donate art materials and paper to schools in Kenya, encouraging the pupils to create their own posters to put around town. This actively involves the pupils in Roots Movement and allows them to express themselves through art, an opportunity they would otherwise miss due to the lack of funding for art on the curriculum.


The College Enterprise


Ndanai Polytechnic College were integral to the start of Roots Movement. They are now producing goods for the local community to generate a small income for the college. We now wish to help them supply local schools with the items they require such as desks, beds and uniforms.


For example, Kagasek Girls Boarding School are badly in need of beds. They sleep every night on the floor with their inspirational head teacher Caroline. They  were pivotal in the Roots Movement event in the summer for the following reasons:


  • SONY DSCThey were an inspiration for the start of Roots Movement with the trees and crops they’ve planted at their school
  • They created amazing posters to advertise the event
  • They were out in force tidying the streets and planting trees
  • They prepared a song for the event which was sung in celebration by the whole community after the town clear up
  • One of the girls recited a beautiful poem about unity and the environment at the speeches ceremony after the tree planting






Material for fabric bags


The clothing department at Ndanai Polytechnic College made amazing bags for the event in the summer. This was to reduce the use of the black plastic bags that were the cause of a lot of the town’s litter problem and to advertise Roots Movement and the college enterprise. The money made from the sale of the bags went to the newly started college enterprise. There has been interest from the local schools to use the bags for their pupils so money donated will fund more fabric.




SONY DSCAt Roots Movement we believe that communities coming together to take environmental action should be celebrated. In Kenya, traditional music and dancers, locally grown and cooked food, football and art are all a big part of what the Roots Movement community is about.


If you are inspired by the story, by being part of a global tree planting community, or by anything else we do then please contact us to let us know. And if you feel moved to, a donation to help us continue this work will be hugely welcome.